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Your Health: Alcohol Awareness

What are the drinking guidelines?

The Chief Medical Officer’s (CMO) evidence based weekly drinking guidelines states that: To keep health risks from alcohol to a low level it is safest not to drink more than 14 units a week on a regular basis. If you regularly drink as much as 14 units per week, it’s best to spread your drinking evenly over three or more days. If you have one or two heavy drinking episodes a week, you increase your risk of death from long-term illness and injuries. If you wish to cut down the amount you drink, a good way to help achieve this is to have several drink-free days each week. This applies to adults who drink regularly or frequently i.e. most weeks

Why keep it low?

Drinking for many people is enjoyable, however aiming to keep within the weekly low risk alcohol guidelines helps keep the risk of disease low too.

Even if you are the type of person that can ‘hold their drink’, damage is being done. Excess drinking increases risk of mouth, neck & throat cancer, for women breast cancer, for both men and women liver cirrhosis and high blood pressure and an irregular heartbeat. Excess drinking also contributes to higher ldl (bad) cholesterol and triglycerides, therefore increasing the risk of heart attack, stroke and diabetes.

Limit the amount you drink

On average your body can only process one unit of alcohol per hour. Limit the amount of alcohol you drink at any one time. Drink slower, alternate drinks with water and drink with food. Avoid drunkorexia – skipping meals to save calories for alcohol which intensifies the effects of alcohol & can ultimately cause hyperglycaemia! Alcohol is fattening & has ‘empty calories’ as it contains 7 calories per gram – only a few less than fat, which has 9 calories a gram. A 250ml glass of wine is the equivalent of eating a doughnut and a pint of beer is equivalent to eating a slice of pizza.

Drinking too much can affect your physical & mental health in the short term & long term! Be drink smart!

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